+ What are Pêche Razors?

We are designed specifically for dermaplaning at home. Pêche razors are designed to have the perfect weight to assist us with blade control, allowing the blade to glide gently on your skin with light strokes. Did we mention that we’re made from Wheat straw? which makes us, environmentally friendly!

Fun fact? Our blades are manufactured in Sweden.

+ What is Dermaplaning? Why should we apply this to our routine?

Can you imagine investing in your skin care, just to find out majority of products clings to your vellus hair and dead skin? The treatment is to deeply exfoliate and remove the dead build-up of thick skin cells. It is an exfoliant that can brighten the skin and increase cell turnover. Dermaplaning helps assist your skincare and makeup application, as your canvas is clear of any blockage. It creates a smooth and clear canvas which means you use less products saving you time and money.

+ Technique and Handling?

Cleanse before Dermaplaning. Do not apply any products onto the skin other than a Toner. Hold the skin taut and gently scrape the skin with the blade held at a 45-degree angle. Shave with the grain of hair growth. Focus on the forehead, downwards to your cheeks and jawline.

+ Can hair grow back faster, thicker and darker?

Dermaplaning is physically exfoliating the dead skin, Vellus hair aka ‘Peach fuzz’ with a blade. This cannot change your hair follicle. It is impossible for your hair to grow back thicker, faster or darker. Vellus hair will grow back every 3-4 weeks depending on the individual genetics. Hair and skin grow back just like your nails no matter how many times you trim, exfoliate or cut it off. Hence why it's important to keep up with your treatment.

+ When should I dermaplane?

We highly recommend doing this at night infront of a mirror with good lighting.

+ How often should I replace my razors?

Pêche blades can be used up to a maximum of 4 times. It is highly recommended to replace your blades after 4 uses, as the blades will become blunt. Overusing razors will cause break outs and there may be inconsistency with your treatment.

+ Care of Blades?

Always wash and wipe your razors dry before each use. Leave in a cool dry place.

+ Side effects?

Minimal redness and sometimes white heads may appear. This will reduce over time.

+ Aftercare of skin?

Sunscreen SPF50+ is recommended, try stay away from the sun and harsh winds as sensitivity of the skin is heightened at this stage of treatment. Damp skin is easier to penetrate than dry skin, so apply your serums before applying your moisturisers to maximise the penetration.